Simple and super fast size change secures contract

T. Freemantle Ltd are pleased to report on their latest completion of a Wraparound Sleever to pack Quorn products in a distinctive sleeve design with a cut-out front for product display. The Wraparound machine is running two different sizes of tray and sleeve containing a number of product variants. The machines simple design and easy to understand setup and operation means that it can be easily adjusted between sizes in just 5-10 minutes. The simple and accurate size change also means that wasted sleeves during setup is reduced to an absolute minimum with most adjustments being pre-set fixed reference points making the size change a simple and unskilled operation. The machine requires no change parts and can run at speeds up to 100 per minute. The main features include a mainly stainless steel construction with the world leading Nordson Glue applicator as standard. The machine also incorporates an automatic inline transfer and a simple pack squaring mechanism to ensure that the sleeves are glued neatly and securely every time.