As supermarkets such as Tesco ban the use of plastic packaging on multipacks, products such as tinned food, beverage multipacks and sweets are at risk if they don’t find a new solution.

Here at T. Freemantle, we are seeing more and more cardboard samples coming through our doors of products that once upon a time would be covered in plastic packaging. The main changes are being seen in the beverage industry. Products such as bottled water, beer and cider would always be seen covered in plastic packaging or casing. This is now being replaced by cardboard, which in our opinions poses more benefits than just being better for the environment. One of the most significant benefits of cardboard packaging is its ability to create streamline branding on the box and a neater end product.

With cardboard product packaging you have a blank canvas to create innovative packaging designs to fit whatever shapes and sizes necessary. Custom cardboard packaging is easy to acquire, and with the help of a T. Freemantle machine, your packing process can be automated. Our automated cardboard packaging machinery is a significant help for businesses who ship a wide variety of products of all shapes and sizes.

Cardboard is an excellent material for product packaging because of its reuse-ability. A strong and sturdy box will no doubt come in handy for storage or transportation at a later date. Many of our beverage customers design their cardboard packing to be used by customers, such as creating fridge ready packs which allow cans to be displayed in the fridge.

The way our machines work with cardboard is simple, the flat cardboard cartons are stacked into the hopper and the product is loaded onto the machine. As the machine detects product, it erects the carton and automatically feeds the cans into the cartons. This is done by an operator on our semi-automatic machines.

If you are switching to cardboard and want to speed up your packing process, get in touch!