“Oh it was just what I was trained to do” says Tony.

No it was much more than that!

Monday morning a few weeks ago one of the guys at our Factory 2 site was struggling a little and feeling somewhat unwell. He didn’t say anything as he hates a fuss but another team member could see he was out of sorts which was out of character. Concerned for his friend, a quite word with first aiders was had.

The first aiders checked out our unwell friend and although he made light of it, it was clear that there was a problem.

Tony recognized the symptoms and immediately called for an ambulance. Within 5 minutes the ambulance arrived and off our friend went under the care of the brilliant paramedics.

Tony’s swift and decisive action likely saved his life. He was taken directly for treatment due to a 95% blocked main artery. The doctor said it really was caught just in time….

Now that really is the pinnacle of good teamwork!

Well done to all involved. We are delighted that after a short convalesce the patient is itching to get back to work feeling great.

Well trained first aiders really are life savers!

Here is Tony, our reluctant hero 😉