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Two Flap Sealer

The Two Flap Sealer is our entry level machine which is used to glue seal the ends of manually filled cartons. The machine delivers efficient glue usage and consistently well finished tamper evident sealed packs.

This machine is suitable for a wide range of different carton sizes and styles and is used for many food and non-food applications around the world.

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    Filled cartons are pushed into the two flap sealer infeed by the operator. Each time a carton is pushed in the machine applies glue to the end flaps, folds and seals the carton before ejecting it out the back of the machine. The machine operates on demand as the operator loads the filled cartons. The machine will seal cartons at any speed up to 20 cartons per minute.

    For faster throughput speeds and wider flexibility consider our Continuous Carton Sealer.

    Key Feature

    Compact and mobile the machine takes up less than one square metre in floorspace and can easily be moved around the factory from one line to another.

    Key Feature

    Simple and robust in build and very easy to operate and maintain the machine is perfect for users with limited on-site engineering knowledge.

    Main Features

    • Manufactured from mainly stainless steel and aluminium with top quality components throughout.
    • Simple and easy to understand machine controls.
    • Easy to adjust for a range of different carton sizes.
    • Safe to operate and quiet in operation.
    • Suitable to be used to glue almost any end load carton style. It will operate with a range of sizes from small single confectionery products through to large bulk and multipack cartons.
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