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Tray and Case Packer for Food and Beverage

Our flexible Automatic Tray and Case Packer is the choice of craft brewers looking for the ultimate mix of flexibility and automation. Perfectly suited to pack cans and bottles into trays or cases either loose or in smaller 4 and 6 packs.

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    The machine selects and erects flat trays or cases ready for the product to be loaded in. Cans or bottles are collated and counted automatically and the tray or case to be wrapped around and glued.

    Fully automatic in operation, this unit can be configured to run 6- 24 loose bottles or cans into cases or trays. Also capable of packing smaller multipacks such as 4’s and 6’s into trays and cases.

    This machine compliments our range of machines to pack smaller 4 and 6 pack multipacks.

    Robust hygienic design

    Robust hygienic design with easy access to all moving parts. Interlocked full height doors to give easy access to the whole machine for operation, maintenance and cleaning. Perfectly suited to low to medium throughput beverage packing applications.

    Accurate and reliable glue application

    Accurate and reliable glue application offers the very best pack appearance and integrity for can and bottle multipacks.

    Main Features

    • • Low level easy feed magazine is easy to top up the flat cases or trays.
    • • Mainly stainless steel and aluminium construction with top quality components throughout.
    • • Simple and easy to understand machine controls.
    • • Easy to adjust for a range of different sizes and pack formats.
    • • Safe to operate and quiet in operation.
    • • Nordson glue applicator fitted as standard to give clean, reliable and economical performance..
    • • Flashing beacon to warn operators the machine carton magazine is low.
    • • Variable speed in operation with digital speed readout.
    • • Runs trays and cases, loose and multi packed cans and bottles.

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