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Semi Automatic Beverage Multipack Cartoner

Our specifically developed Semi Automatic Beverage Cartoner is the choice of many leading craft brewers looking for the ultimate mix of flexibility and automation. The machine is perfectly suited to can and bottle multipacks in counts from 4 to 12 and can run comfortably at a rate of up to 14000 cans or bottles per hour.

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    The machine works on demand and selects and erects flat cartons ready for the product to be loaded in. The cans or bottles are delivered to the load station on the integral conveyor directly from the upstream bottling or canning equipment.

    The operators load the bottles or cans and the machine then folds the end flaps on the multipack carton and applies glue to seal the boxes before ejecting them from the end of the machine.

    The machine can be operated by one or two persons and generally run at a rate of up to 14000 cans or bottles per hour subject to the pack count and product size.

    Key Feature

    Robust hygienic design with easy access to all moving parts with interlocked low level sliding doors to give easy access to the whole machine for maintenance and cleaning. Perfectly suited to low to medium throughput beverage packing applications.

    Key Feature

    Accurate and reliable glue application to offer the very best pack appearance and integrity for beer can and bottle multipacks for retail display.

    Main Features

    • Low level easy feed carton magazine to make it easy to top up the flat carton magazine without the need for steps or reaching.
    • Manufactured from mainly stainless steel and aluminium with top quality components throughout.
    • Simple and easy to understand machine controls.
    • Easy to adjust for a range of different carton sizes with no change parts required.
    • Safe to operate and quiet in operation.
    • Nordson glue applicator fitted as standard to give clean, reliable and economical glue application.
    • Warning beacon will flash to warn the operators once the machine carton magazine begins to run low.
    • Variable speed in operation with digital speed readout.
    • Ergonomically designed to give maximum operator comfort during operation.
    • The Semi Cartoner can run many different styles of pack including fridge packs, grab/carry packs, bulk multi packs.

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