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Preglued Sleever

Our patented Preglued Sleever remains the market leading machine of its type in the ready meals sector and offers the maximum amount of flexibility with fully automatic operation. Perfectly suited to medium to high speed production speeds the machine can run a huge variety of sleeve sizes, shapes and tray or pot styles and designs all on the same machine. Widely used across the ready meals, poultry, meat, dessert and prepared foods industry.

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    The Preglued Sleever hopper is loaded with flattened preglued sleeves. Products are delivered to the machine directly from the upstream equipment to the machines integral infeed transfer system. The transfer system loads each pot or tray into the machine. Pre glued sleeves are automatically selected and erected and the products inserted into the sleeves before being ejected from the machine.

    The Preglued Sleever will run trays and pots at speeds up to 120 packs per minute depending on the type and size of the products.

    We also offer outer case packing machines for ready meals.

    Key Feature

    Unrivalled flexibility through our patented design which means that the same machine can run single and multi-compartment round, oval and rectangular trays and pots within full, part and watchstrap type sleeves. This machine is used to sleeve ready meals, sausages, meats, poultry, desserts and other prepared foods in film sealed or lidded pots and trays.

    Key Feature

    The machine has an inbuilt infeed buffer system which is designed to work with random product feed or bunch feed of products as is normal with some tray sealing machines. The machine accepts bunches of products in trays or pots and automatically feeds them into the machine one at a time.

    Main Features

    • Manufactured from mainly stainless steel and aluminium with top quality components throughout.
    • Simple and easy to understand machine controls.
    • Easy to adjust for a range of different sleeve sizes.
    • Safe to operate and quiet in operation.
    • Low level easy feed sleeve magazine with a flashing beacon to warn the operators once the machine sleeve stock begins to run low.
    • Robust hygienic design with easy access to all moving parts with interlocked low level sliding doors to give easy access to the whole machine for maintenance and cleaning.
    • The Preglued Sleever can run almost any pot, tray or bowl type with full, part and watchstrap sleeve styles of a wide range of different sizes.
    Preglued Sleever Diagram

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