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Fully Automatic Cartoner

Our Fully Automatic Cartoner delivers maximum labour saving, superior line efficiency and higher line speeds on a range of products. Capable of running a wide range of different sizes and products on the same machine but is best suited to higher volume production requirements. Coupled with one of our standard range of infeed transfer systems to fully automate the collation and delivery of different types of products directly from the line and into the machine infeed.

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    TheFully Automatic Cartoner is simple and easy to operate. Flat cartons are loaded in the machine carton hopper.  Products are delivered to the machine directly from the upstream equipment such as a spiral chiller, bagger, flow wrapper or manual assembly process. Products are then loaded into the infeed pockets of the machine either manually or by a standard transfer unit. The machine then automatically selects and erects the flat cartons, loads the product inside the carton and folds and seals the carton with glue.

    The Fully Automatic End Load Carton Packing machine will run at speeds up to 150 packs per minute depending on the type and size of the products.

    After the cartoner we can automatically pack the product into outer trays or cases also.

    Key Feature

    Modular in design, the Auto Cartoning machine can be fitted with a range of standard collation and transfer systems that are proven to deliver maximum throughput and efficiency with a wide range of different product types and pack sizes.

    Key Feature

    Our unique loading chutes on our automatic cartoner mean that the machine offers a much more accurate and efficient end loading of products into the carton. It is proven to ensure smooth and efficient running of products such as bags or flow wraps and tighter fitting products.

    Key Feature

    Our unique slimline autoloader which is fitted to our automatic cartoning machines is a more compact in footprint and reduces line width saving valuable factory floorspace. The slimline design also makes operation and cleaning of the cartoner machine much easier for the operators.

    Main Features

    • Manufactured from mainly stainless steel and aluminium with top quality components throughout.
    • Simple and easy to understand machine controls.
    • Easy to adjust for a range of different carton sizes.
    • Safe to operate and quiet in operation.
    • Nordson glue applicator fitted as standard to give clean, reliable and economical glue application.
    • Warning beacon will flash to warn the operators once the machine carton magazine begins to run low.
    • Available in simple hard-wired execution or PLC control with touchscreen HMI.
    • Hygienically designed with visibility and easy access to all moving parts.
    • The Auto Cartoner can run almost any end load carton style. It will operate with a range of sizes from small single confectionery products through to large bulk and multipack cartons.
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