What a great machine! Our latest automatic beverage multipack machine is ready for delivery to William’s Brothers Brewing Co.¬†based in¬†Clackmannanshire, Scotland. The purpose of the machine is to pack their cans ranging from 330ml to 568ml into multipack cardboard packaging.

After a visit from the William’s guys last week, the machine is now ready for sign off and delivery. We have tested this machine through and through with different can sizes to ensure that it works perfectly when installed in the brewery.

Click the link below to view the footage of the machine running with 330ml cans being packed into four packs.

Automatic Beverage Multipack Machine – YouTube

Our automatic beverage multipack machine delivers maximum labour saving, superior line efficiency and higher line speeds. This machine can run a wide range of different can and bottle sizes and counts and is best suited to smaller brewers with medium capacity requirements. The Auto Cartoner incorporates product marshalling on the infeed as well as many key features such as fallen can and bottle detection, pressure regulated pushing and low friction components throughout.

How it works:
  1. The products are delivered to the machine directly from the upstream bottling or canning equipment and marshalled into the required lanes to build the correct product counts.
  2. The products are then loaded into the infeed pockets of the machine.
  3. The machine then automatically selects and erects the flat multipack cartons, loads the product inside the carton and folds and seals the carton with glue before ejecting it from the machine.

The fully automatic cartoner is capable of handling speeds of 18,000 cans an hour based on a 4 or 6 pack!