Tine install automatic sleever.

TINE BA is Norway’s largest producer, distributor and exporter of dairyproducts. TINE BA is strongly positioned in the Norwegian consciousness. TINE BA is the sales and marketing organisation for Norway’s dairy cooperative and is responsible for product development, quality assurance, production and distribution planning, marketing and the export of TINE products. Selected items from their range of sleeved products are now being packed on a Fully Automatic preglued sleever supplied by T. Freemantle Limited. The machine runs at a speed of up to 120 packs per minute and has already proven to offer Tine double the capacity of the previous machine. Norway’s Dairy Cooperative is owned by 16312 dairy farmers. Each of them owns a share in the collective’s five dairy companies to which they deliver 1.4 billion litres of cow’s milk and about 19 million litres of goat’s milk every year. The Dairy Cooperative is Norway’s largest food industry with a total of 5540 employees and an annual turnover of 15,9 billion NOK for 2007. The milk is processed into more than 200 product varieties that are found on shop shelves under the TINE trademark.