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Looking to replace those plastic trays with cartonboard alternative? Having trouble sourcing cost effective nested cartonboard trays? We supply a compact and simple machine for erecting carton board trays directly to the packing line resulting in packaging cost savings, reduced transport costs and labour savings when compared to buying preglued and nested cartonboard trays. The […]

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Need to present cans, bottles or jars in trays without the need to shrink wrap? We have a simple, efficient and effective solution for multi packs in counts of 6, 8 and 12 with our fully automatic cartoner. Capable of packing up to 20,000 per hour, this system can run various pack styles on the […]

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Pot Holder Tray

Our team have just finished testing a great new machine for erecting pot holder trays. As well as being strong, having corner posts and stacking features, the holder design developed by us delivers reduced board usage compared to many other pot holders. The machine is simple and flexible and cycles at up to 30 trays […]

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T. Freemantle Ltd are pleased to report the installation of a 4 pack can packer for The London Beer Factory who were the first ever UK brewery to release its entire range in 360° cans. The 360° design enables the drinker to completely remove the lid, allowing the full spectrum of flavour and aroma to […]

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