We are pleased to report on another installation of a fully automatic beverage packer for our valued and long standing client Labelling and Packaging Services in Somerset. LPS have installed a number of Freemantle cartoning machines over the last decade to pack a huge range of food, confectionery and beverage products. Over the years the LPS team have come to know the Freemantle machines well and are able to get the maximum performance and flexibility from their equipment in order to meet the demands of their enviable list of market leading clients. The new unit has proven to be no different and since installation has been running a range of household name beverages from 150ml to 440ml and in counts between 4 and 24 pack. The unit is also running a wide range of pack styles including a full carton, cut away carton, carry pack and fridge ready packs.

T. Freemantle Ltd Beverage Industry Manager, Richard Portman said, “I believe that the machine we offer is unique in the market, British built and no doubt the most flexible machine of its type in Europe.”

“The machine is compact, competitive and also easy and fast to adjust for different sizes making it perfect for manufacturers and co packers alike.”