Kraft Ukraine Install Freemantle Cartoner

The T. Freemantle service team have recently completed the installation of a fully automatic cartoner with Kraft Foods at their Ukraine plant. The machine runs a high quality metallic foil flow wrapped confectionery product at speeds up to 120 per minute. The high standards set by Kraft have been met and exceeded by T. Freemantle’s careful attention to detail throughout the project. “We have been involved in the development of the carton design as well as the working tolerances to attain the maximum machinery performance”, explained T. Freemantle’s Richard Kitchen. “The carton is only 16mm deep and incorporates a flip top facility yet operates well within the strict and demanding performance criteria set by Kraft”. The machine incorporates a simple inline automatic transfer system to accept a random product supply from the line. The simple and robust build coupled with the easy operator controls are very low maintenance were perfectly suited to Kraft Ukraine operating environment. Installation was completed quickly with very little interruption to the existing production schedules. This contract is among many of T. Freemantle’s high profile installations around the world. The range of equipment supplied by the company is now a recognised as a global brand within the cartoning and sleeving machinery industry.