Rippa Dippa

Kerry Foods have installed a fully automatic wraparound sleeving machine from T. Freemantle Limited for their recently launched range of Rippa Dippa snacks. With such a prestigious contract and a tight schedule to meet, Kerry foods considered a number of potential equipment suppliers. T. Freemantle came out as the clear choice as the UK Market leader and installed the machine comfortably meeting the critical product launch date. The pack consists of three twin compartment pots wrapped within one carton board sleeve. The sleeve with its striking graphics and spot varnish had to be presented perfectly to meet the high demands of Kerry Foods. The machine incorporates a simple infeed transfer to collate three pots from the line and feed them into the machine. The flat sleeve is then selected from a magazine and wrapped around the product before being glued together. The sleeve allows the edges of the pot to protrude through apertures in the sidewalls of the sleeve to secure the pots in place within the sleeve.