T. Freemantle has recently received an order from Indulgence Patisserie, makers of premium frozen desserts from their BRC A Grade factory in Colchester. From small beginnings, supplying products in to local patisseries and hotels, Indulgence has grown to become a leading supplier to foodservice and retail customers in the UK and beyond. They specialize in the manufacture of cheesecakes, but have many other dessert types under their wings too.

The Semi- Automatic End Load Cartoner that T. Freemantle are supplying will allow Indulgence to be efficient and consistent with their production. Their recent contracts with new retail partners means that production has upscaled. Group Commercial Manager, Kevin Newey said “the key to success is continuous NPD and investment in efficiencies” and that is exactly why they are investing in a T. Freemantle machine.

Their current production process involves all cartons being manually erected, time stamped individually and then loaded by hand. The T. Freemantle machine will help free up capacity in production and in the storage freezers by enabling a smoother flow of finished product through the factory and on to their customers. It will also give better batch traceability on the cartons.

The guys at Indulgence knew that T. Freemantle was the right place to purchase a machine from due to their previous experience with one of our machines at their partner company, Shire Foods. Kevin Newey was keen to say that they “have always been pleased with the performance of the equipment and the backup support offered by the Customer Care Team”. He then went on to explain that the T. Freemantle team have been very informative and supportive through the whole process, delivery a professional process from start to finish.

Indulgence are expecting the machine to reduce the amount of staff members required to man the packing department, and they can be utilised in other areas of the business. Their main goal is to increase the amount of products that they can pack each shift and we are extremely pleased to help them with this.