We are excited to announce the introduction of our new outer case packing machine. Due to the environmental impacts of plastic and the nations response to fix this, many supermarkets are now abolishing the use of plastic wrapping on their items. Whilst many companies have cut out plastic and are now using cardboard to package their multipacks. There is still an issue when delivering bulk loads to supermarkets. Our new machine is designed to make it easier to deliver these packs, plastic free with the use of outer cardboard packaging.

Stay tuned… we have already received an order for our new machine and hope that it will be built and installed by January 2022.


The above image shows the machine supplied to Harbour Brewing. This machine is similar to many of the machines we have supplied to breweries.

The machine works on demand and selects and erects flat cartons ready for the product to be loaded in. The cans or bottles are delivered to the load station on the integral conveyor directly from the upstream bottling or canning equipment.

The operators load the bottles or cans and the machine then folds the end flaps on the multipack carton and applies glue to seal the boxes before ejecting them from the end of the machine.

The machine can be operated by one or two persons and generally run at a rate of up to 14000 cans or bottles per hour subject to the pack count and product size.