We all know that Covid-19 has changed the world forever in terms of health, hygiene and general day to day practices. But have you thought about the changes that it is going to have in industry and businesses?
The changing world of Covid-19 means that automation is going to be more important than ever to reduce to amount of people in factories. Whilst businesses have been running with minimal staff for the last 18 months, they may have come across areas of business where human resources are now not needed. On the other hand, production is now busier than ever with thousands of products being manufactured and transported each day from factories all over the country.

We have all become to realise that Covid-19 is not going away but how do businesses keep up with this demand whilst keeping their employees safe? The ‘rise of the robots’ is motivated by the need to reduce human contact, this in term is accelerated by the huge increase in online shopping.

But, automated processes don’t have to have negative effects on human resources. The demand in production due to factors such as panic buying, means that human resources can be used in areas such as product development and transport.

T. Freemantle has been one of the UK’s leading manufacturers in packaging machinery for years even before Covid-19 hit. Its packaging machines can increase factory speeds by automating the packing process, leaving little scope for human error. Their fully automatic machines completely replace the need for man power whilst their semi-automatic machines reduce the need for labour to one or two people depending on the speed of the machine.

If you are finding yourself in a constant battle with the pressures of demand, it may be time to think about automation.